For the past 20 years Shopwell Furniture has specialised in traditional and made-to-measure furniture. There is nothing quite like bespoke furniture which suits your tastes, needs and budget. Our wide clientèle is composed mostly of young couples who are preparing to get married and want to furnish their dream home as well as older people who are planning to re-vamp their house or to move into new premises.


We use only top quality wood and take great measures to ensure the latest fashion woods are available for our clients to choose from. All solid furniture manufactured at Shopwell Furniture is created with dovetail and dove joint techniques, this makes sturdy traditional furniture which you can depend on – in the good old-fashioned way. Presently our furniture can be made from a great number of wood varieties (see Products list for details).


As we create custom-made furniture we are able to provide different wood stains, and colours and can provide a wide variety of knobs, glass designs and incorporated lighting systems to match.

Above all our prices are created to suit most budgets.